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Hyde Park Corner, 1938.

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Diana Vishneva in Giselle

This is one of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen.

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Back in 1969, thousands of Long Islanders came to Brookhaven to see a piece of the moon — a 12-gram chunk of a larger rock brought back to Earth by Apollo 11 astronauts. Scientists at the Lab analyzed many samples of lunar rocks and soil, finding that the rocks they examined had been on the moon’s surface for 30 to 50 million years. 

The young boy peering into the magnifying glass actually contacted us a few years ago. He remembered the event and having his picture taken even 35 years later. Our Lab has been inspiring young’uns for decades and today we educate nearly 40,000 students every year. 

(PS: You don’t have to be a grade-school kid to be floored by the simple fact that we brought back rocks from the moon.)

Genica Athanasiou- Man Ray, 1933


Paloma Faith - My Legs Are Weak

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Unknown Photographer, Mushroom Cultures in a Petri Dish, (1947)

From the collection of the Photographic Institute for Specialized Botany.

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